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How to Play
Login to your sports account and click on Betting Contest from the left side menu.

Create a screen name and proceed to click on “Create”.

To begin with, CHECK YOUR PRIZE ELIGIBILITY! In order to receive a Betting Streak Prize, you must have Sportsbook activity within 24 hours of posting the first winning selection of your Betting Streak (more info on Betting Contest Terms and Conditions).

Each day, you must choose one pick you believe will win from the list offered on the “Today’s Pick” tab.

Click on the “Today’s Pick” tab to see the games or events available for the day. Choose one pick out of the options available and go through the confirmation process.

The lines of the events are updated throughout the day according to the line changes registered for that line on the Sportsbook Main.

If your selection is a winner, you will receive one point towards your streak total score. If you fail to make a pick within 7 days of your previous winning selection, your streak will reset to zero.

Once your Betting Streak reaches a paying position, you will be awarded a prize according the milestone achieved.

Betting Contest Prizes
The Betting Streak Prize structure currently in place goes as follows:

• Betting Streaks of 5 wins will be awarded a $50 Valued Item.
• Betting Streaks of 10 wins will be awarded a $500 Valued Item.
• Betting Streaks of 15 wins will be awarded a $2000 Valued Item.
• Betting Streaks of 25 wins will be credited $5000 Cash Reward.
• Betting Contest Winner of the month will be credited a $1000 Free-Play.

The Betting Streak Contest winner of the month will be determined by the player with the most consecutive winning selections at the end of a calendar month.

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